Student spotlight: Haleigh Mcfarland


Kimani Cain, Staff Reporter

The Dobie tennis players practice every day for their season coming in Spring. They practice from 8:10-8:55 every morning.” At school in the morning we practice from 8:10-8:55. I also practice at home from 4:30-8:00,” said Haleigh Mcfarland, 7th grader.

Mcfarland practices hard each and every day. She likes playing tennis a lot and she can’t  wait until her tennis season starts because she loves to compete against people.

Even though the tennis season starts in Spring, tennis players practice for 45 minutes everyday. By the time tennis starts, they are going to be ready to compete.“ I like to compete against people and you don’t have to be tall to play,” said Mcfarland.

”Lelila Venabele a professional tennis player inspired me because she said it was a great sport to play and she makes it look fun.”,said Mcfarland. Haleigh watches Lelila Venabele on TV and she feel excitedto if she got meeting her.

My family does not know how to play tennis, I am the first one to play and I am happy to play a sport that no one has played,” said Mcfarland.