It’s all new for some 7th grade volleyball players

Jayden Hicks, staff reporter

Among the long list of sports that Dobie Junior High offers, volleyball is one of the fall favorites. 

For some, especially 7th graders, playing for a school team is a new experience.

Ally Schaefer, a 7th grader who plays volleyball B team, said she had taken a break but is glad she is playing volleyball again.

“I am very nervous because I haven’t played in two seasons. B team won against Corbett and that is really good because they know what they are doing. Dobie’s team is very tall and experienced.

Schaefer said it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be a volleyball team member.

“Stretching starts at 6:15 a.m. ” The games are on Thursdays. It’s really fun because a lot of people I know made the team. Games are a good way to test what we practice all week.”

Madelyn Cordova, a 7th grade volleyball A team member, said the whole experience is new to her.

“It’s scary because it is my first year playing on a real volleyball team.”

Cordova said she was sad that her team lost to Corbett.

“Back row was OK, but front row was better. Both teams are good,” she said.  “We start practice at 6:15 am with warm-ups and laps.” “Our games are Thursdays at 6:30pm. It’s fun because I used to play YMCA and here, I play with older kids.”