Academic UIL is underway at Dobie

COVID has changed UIL, but it hasn’t stopped it


UIL Students, Jordann Neskora, Natalie Brown

The UIL team is working very hard this year to do their best in the upcoming competitions. Most students are in their UIL groups and are practicing their topic, however there is still time you can still join some of the UIL topics. There are many topics you can take in UIL including calculator skills, dictionary skills and much more. Competitions are usually held on Saturdays, however practice time varies for each topic.

UIL helps students with math, reading, science, and many more skills. Even with COVID, they are still doing competitions. The first competition is at Corbett on January 23. UIL gives students the opportunity to meet new friends and learn new things. The students can also do multiple UIL’s. “I am doing number sense, calculator, mathematics, dictionary skills, science, social studies, oral reading, and modern oratory,” said Jordann Neskora, 7th grader.

The coaches of the subjects are getting excited about hopefully winning this year, “Yes we have been practicing since November, and we are very excited to bring some medals home to Dobie,” said Mrs.PJ, coach of ready writing and modern oratory. Dobie wishes our luck to all UIL competitors. 

UIL Topics Include: Number Sense, Calculator, Math, Ready Writing, Dictionary, Spelling, Science, Social Studies, Oral Reading, Impromptu Speaking, and Modern Oratory.

Coach’s Names and Practice Times: