Personal view: Cafeteria Chaos

Long lines at Dobie Jr. High have impacted many students this year. Most students have to wait towards or even until the end of lunch just to get their food. “I don’t like waiting in the lunch line because it takes a long time and I don’t have time to eat,” said Elena Reamsnyder, 7th grader.

The lunch lines have been a problem since the beginning of the school year, even though most students pack their lunch to avoid the wait, the line still stretches towards the end of the B wing.

All of this makes some students decide not to eat all, which really isn’t acceptable. The administration should split the lunches up into 4 periods instead of 2, cutting the lines in half. It would make lunch easier for both the students and  the administration because

  • The students would have more space to sit down instead of being squashed.
  • The students would also have more options on where to sit.
  • The administration would have less kids to watch after

There is a slight downside to this solution: cutting the lunch lines also unfortunately cuts the lunch times themselves. Instead of 30 minute lunch periods, they would be 15 minute lunch periods.) we think that it will pay off and be better for students. With 4 periods, students would also have longer cougar times and meaning you’ll most likely be able to finish all of your homework.

Editor’s Note: Sydney Berkley contributed to this column.