Students make masks fashionable


This year kids bring joy and fun to Dobie Jr High with colorful and interesting masks. These masks show who people are and it tells others about their personalities. Ever since COVID -19 hit everyone has had to wear masks, but at Dobie we took a different road. Kids wear colorful, sports and themed masks to school and it brings delight to others. Why does it bring delight to others? Well, it brings delight to other students when they see masks that inspire them to do something, or to act a different way at school.

Colorful Masks

Why kids wear colorful masks. Kids wear colorful masks to express what they like and how they feel. Like if you were to wear dark colors you would feel sad. However if you wear light colors you’re excited or happy. 

Sports Masks

Students at Dobie who play sports generally like to wear sports masks. For instance students who play sports for school wear their black mask with their name on them. The other kids that play sports outside of school will wear a mask that matches the sport they play. 

Themed Mask

Students at Dobie wear themed masks to bring a kick of joy. They wear them to school to stand out and be unique. Themed masks have lots of color, and can be very bright sometimes. The colors bring shock and amazement to other students. It also brings more color and pop to their outfit. It also reminds other kids about movies, and things they’ve seen throughout their life. 


Disposable Masks

Why kids wear disposable masks to school. Kids wear them because they match everything you wear. They are a nice material. The disposable masks are thin and light so it’s easy to breathe, and they don’t get hot, when kids are in the sun. Most people recommend wearing them, because they just sit on your face, unlike the other masks that stick to your face. The other masks are thicker and are harder to breathe in.