Photo essay: Remote learning sucks

Myra Kunz returned to remote learning after Thanksgiving break


This is me working on a Social Studies assignment.  Staring at the computer screen to hear my lesson for the day is not how I like to learn.  

This is me completing my lesson online.  I feel like all I do is click here, click there.  I don’t feel like I am actually learning anything. 

This is me trying to print an assignment.  Sometimes the internet can cause a lot of issues when I am doing online school.  It is extremely frustrating when technology does not work while I am trying to do school.

This is my view when I eat lunch.  I miss eating and talking with my friends during lunch.    

This is me taking a break from remote learning and watching Netflix.  This is one of the only benefits of remote learning.  You can take a break when it all becomes too much.