Inside Story on Dobie Football


Genevieve Vega

Lots of boys like playing football, and why not?  You get to run around and have fun!  Although football is a competitive sport, lots of kids enjoy playing and having a great time. For some Dobie football players this is their first time playing football.  

Alex James, 7th grader, is excited to play football with his school peers for the first time.

James and Fuller Sieffert, 7th graders, said they have never played football before.

Sieffert said, “Football is my favorite sport because it’s fun and exciting! It gives me a chance to be with my friends, get exercise, and get anger out.”

James says he plays football because, “I’ve loved the sport for a long time but never got the chance to play so now that I can, I will.”

James and Sieffert say they’re on the C team, and James hopes he will do well. “If not, it will be a learning experience,” he says. James said he hasn’t had his first game yet, but it will be this Friday.

James said that Corbett is his main competition, and Sieffert agrees, but other people said Corbett was off their game last year so maybe James has nothing to worry about.  

Sieffert says that Mark Henderson is their number one quarterback, and thinks Monico Lucero is the player of the week.   

Coach Harper, Skills for Success Teacher and coaches 8th grade A and B team, said,  “I thinks my teams will do well this year because they only had one loss last year, so this year they want to go undefeated.”

Harper also says that Wyatt Begeal and Michael Sereno are offensive players that stood out, and Joseph Trevino is a defensive player that stood out.  

Coach Harper says all his players have “potential”. So best of luck to the Dobie Cougars!