Land of Stories Series Book Review



         Land of stories is a really cool book series! It’s about a girl named Alex and her twin, Conner. They go into the fairy tale world and save it. These books are amazing! The villains have a backstories, and you get to know why they did what they did. Some of them might stir up some empathy with their heart-throbbing origin stories. Plus you get a entertaining epilogue at the end of these books. For example,Cinderella has a baby!  I fell in love with very book in the series, I hope you will too!


    The talented author of The Land of Stories is Chris Colfer. I’ve read one of his other books too called A Tale of Magic, and I loved it just as much as his other books. Plus it was connected to the Land of Stories which just added to my admiration of the book. There’s also a second book, Tale of Magic but I have not read it. The Land of stories are well written engaging books and they are so cool! My favorite character would be Goldilocks, I love her bravery and her story, she gives the book flair  and action. This book could change how you see people in fairy tales forever!


    You should definitely read this book it’s full of adventure and fun. While reading the whoe series was fufilling, i’ll never forget the first time i read the series. I wish I could go into the books with Alex and Conner, but in a way I did while reading. You’ll embark on an amazing journey with Alex and Conner, I know I did!