How to write for Dobie News


I am Jordann Neskora. I am a Dobie News Editor. I love writing and taking photos for Dobie News. We do a lot of different things for journalism. We take photos, write personal columns, reviews and articles. We also produce video news stories. This is a photo essay showing a behind-the-scenes look at how journalists at Dobie write articles for Dobie News.

1- Brainstorming: First, we come up with relevant and timely topics for  Dobie News. We try to keep in mind what is important and interesting to Dobie students and staff. 

Taylor Duncan Brainstorming
Taylor Duncan Brainstorming

2- News Tracker: Then, We add our names and what we want to write about to our News tracker. We put our ideas where everyone can see them so that no ideas are done twice.

Dobie News Tracker

3- Planning: We then  figure out how we want to organize our information.


4- Rough Draft: We then put all our planning information together to create an article.

Rough Draft

5- Editing: Now we go though our articles to make sure there are no spell mistakes and that our article makes sense.


6- Final Draft: After editing our article we will have your final article with no mistakes.

Final Draft

7- Submitting: Now we  go to Schoology, press submit assignment,  press create and write exactly where we put our articles,and we submit it.

Pressing submit assignmet in Schoology
Clicking create
State the location of your project
Press submit