Review: A Series of Unfortunate Events


A Series of Unfortunate Events is a show on Netflix about the Baudelaires, three talented children who’s parents were killed in a mysterious fire. They’re taken in by  evil Count Olaf who only wants their fortune. The move from guardian to guardian untill they realize their on their own, because all of the adults are morons except for Count Olaf. The show was really funny and I turn it on sometimes after school to chill out. It’s really dark and the acting is super good. I love the way that the Baudelaires have the most depressing lives ever but everything around them is bright and colorful and happy and they’re almost dying and getting abducted. It has a lot of humor and it makes laugh every time I watch it. The irony and satire is so well done and all Lemony Snicket (the narrator and author) does is make fun of people in our world and cleverly make every name and object mean something.  There are so many amazing side plots and stories and I get to see the books I loved on Netflix so accurately.

But it’s not altogether perfect. Some of the characters seem a bit forced and the amount of times the word “Baudelaires” gets to me a lot. The small bits of CGI and animation aren’t done as well as the rest of the show was, but I would totally recommend this show to anybody.