BOOK REVIEW: Why Carrie Mac’s Pain and Wastings is such a good novel


⅘ Stars 

Genre: Realistic Fiction 

Age Rating 14+ 

Pain and Wastings was written and published by author Carrie Mac in 2008. The book is a psychological fiction that takes place in Eastside Vancouver. At fifteen, Ethan is on the fast track to nowhere. In and out of group homes and constantly in trouble, Ethan is fighting to find a sense of who he is. 

After breaking into an amusement park and being savaged by a police dog, he is befriended by a paramedic. Offered a choice of court or going on a ride-along in an ambulance, Ethan takes what he thinks is the easy way out. Ethan comes face to face with the horrific truth from his past and must learn to deal with where he came from—and where he is going.

The book itself took only about 2 days to finish, being a short 152 pages long. The author does an excellent job introducing the characters and the plot in such a short amount of time. At the start, we don’t know very much about Ethan or his past so he comes off as arrogant and selfish, but as the story progresses we learn more about where he came from. The story feels authentic and could very well be a reality for some people.