Music in Our Lives


Music is honestly quite magical! It can make me dance and feel happy, sad, and even scared. Probably in almost every movie that has been made there was some kind of music trying to make you feel something. A movie would be plain and maybe boring without music. It also could help you get through tough times because of all the feelings that it can give us. It would be harder without music, at least for some people. For example, some people play music for a living! So, we shouldn’t take music for granted.


Also, for me the song is a story and I try to figure out the lyrics and what’s happening. Also, music can be original and sometimes it’s not. There are different kinds of music such as jazz, pop, rock,and so many. I really like country music and Christion music! Next, there are different kinds of music and there are also many instruments to make music. People are good at different things and even if you can’t play one instrument you should try something else! Finally, there are many instruments out there like a guitar, cello,violin,flute, and more.



  Listening to a lot of music is really awesome. Also, a pretty great band is Need to Breathe. They are a christian band who have a song called “Washed By the Water” and plenty more . They have had who knows how many concerts but unfortunately one of them left the band. Even though I don’t have a favorite band yet I still love listening to music and I think many families do too.


  I have heard about seeing colors for the music. It’s a condition called synesthesia. For example, if the song Happier was playing then the person might hear the color orange. It is really cool that those people can do that. Even if you don’t have that ability, music still has colors you just need to listen. Music is for everyone no matter what you think. 


  So in conclusion, music can be magical! It also can make you feel many emotions and even give more flare to things like movies. Plus, there are many different instruments and a variety of types.. like pop! Music can be diverse like us. Music is really jazzy, and please keep dancing to a good beat all throughout your life!