Bullying in School is out of Control

 Bullying can happen in more than one place at the same time whether it’s in the classroom, the lunchroom, or the bus. Bullying happens in front of at least one adult and they don’t seem to see how big of a problem bullying is.

  Bullies might be bullying people because they have family issues and problems that they are trying to forget so they are mean and pick on people so that they feel the same way without recognizing it’s not the way to handle a situation like that. Sometimes bullying happens because of your own insecurities.

  Bullies will try to make you and others around them mad. Bullies will continue to irritate you until finally get the point and give in to showing them that they got to you and that they’re getting a rise out of you and as long as you let them see that they will continue to bully and the other people around them. The way to resolve bullying is to tell an adult or ignore them.

   Students may not realize that bullying causes people to do bad things and make bad choices that aren’t necessarily their fault. Many children suffer from depression and anxiety because of their fellow students and the way they treat each other causes issues and health problems. Adults aren’t aware of everything to do with bullying and even though they say they will fix it do they really or is it said to make you feel as if it will be fixed?  The teachers should pay more attention to their students so that if the students are being bullied the adults can stop it from happening again.

  Sometimes there are issues that need further attention and many things that are a lot worse than words. I have been bullied and I know that it isn’t an easy thing to go through and isn’t very easy to get out of either. More awareness needs to be brought up about bullying because the amount of attention it’s getting now is not doing enough to stop bullying for good. Therefore these bullies need to think before they act.

  Teachers and adults need to be more aware of bullying and need to take care of the situation in order to make sure that their students feel safe in their classroom as well as the school needs to. Bullying policies need to be strengthened and more specific. For example, the counselor can have weekly checkups with all of their students.