Athletes Show and Work hard at Tryouts

J. Frank Dobie Jr High athletes tried out for basketball on October 15th and 18th. Only 33 out of 80 8th grade students made the cut for A, B, and C teams. They claim it was very stressful.

“There were a lot of talented people there, and I truly didn’t think I would make it,” Lilian Cameron, 8, said 

The teams are having a great season so far, with three wins and no losses. They have been training together daily to win their games. Team compatibility and relationships among players have a major impact on success.

“I love my teammates; they help me get better in the sport and in life,” Taylor Brown, 8, said.

 Girls basketball athletes practice every day of the week, and some believe practicing daily is too much for them. 

“I believe that a day off would be better to give our body a break and make sure we’re caught up on our work,” Jaylen Alvarado, 8, said. 

Since only 33 people made the cut, people feel that the teams were selected unfairly.

 Ivory Floyd, 8, explained, “It depends who you ask, between four people, 80 kids is a lot of kids to observe.”

Though it might have seemed unfair, the coaches had a hard time as well. There were only four or five coaches to observe all 80 athletes. Once the teams were made, it didn’t help that a few people decided to quit. Coaches then had to make adjustments to ensure they were ready for their first game, which they won on October 27th.