Our teacher spotlight this week falls on Coach Abigail Adams


Our head cross country, asst. basketball, head track/field coach, and investigating careers teacher, Abby Adams, has been teaching for eight years. Adams went to Sam Houston University and received her Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology. 

She went into teaching for multiple personal reasons and has been at Dobie for four years. Her first teaching position was at Corbett Jr. High for an additional four years.

The words that ran through Adams’s mind when she first stepped into her classroom was “Oh my god, this is it!” She is a former Dobie Cougar, so her position as a teacher now has been very fulfilling. 

She went into coaching because the coaches she had in junior high, here at Dobie, were what she stated as “her heroes, “and she wanted to make that type of impact on other students.  

It’s no secret that teachers have a lot of pressure on them. The top challenges for teachers range from lack of parental support, loads of paperwork, and many more, especially in the Covid years. For Adams, challenges are about connections.

The greatest challenge she has faced while teaching “is knowing that no matter how hard I try, there will always be that one child I cannot reach.” 

Coach Adams is a valued member of our school, coaching team, and community. We look forward to the challenges she will guide our students through in the future.




Source: https://www.hmhco.com/blog/challenges-teachers-face-this-fall-covid