Come Together

The 7th-grade volleyball team had one bonding ritual: they usually sat in the locker room and went around seeing how each person thought they could improve. This tactic helped them come together and work as a team.

When asked if she preferred Home games or Away games, Addison Moncada, 7, said, “Home games, because we have our school cheering us on, and at away games we don’t have as many.”

The volleyball team saw differences and tried to come together as a whole. They had pep talks they hosted in the locker room, pre-game

When asked Why did you choose volleyball as your sport Moncada responded with, “Because I’ve been playing volleyball my whole life, and it’s been my dream to play volleyball for a school.”

Although the team may have had some times when they weren’t on the same page, they were a team. To be a team they had to be understanding, not judgemental. Even if they had rough patches they stuck together. That is a good example of why a vast majority of people like team sports.