The Danger of TikTok Trends

    During Sept. 2016 an app was launched named TikTok. Five years later, this app has blown up and became recognizable to millions of people all around with three billion downloads worldwide. Most trends have been pretty safe and kid-friendly, but there are a handful of not-so-good ones going around. The purpose of participating in these types of activities is for internet fame or to simply impress someone.

    One trend that went around was the “Milk Crate Challenge.” It started up as early as Aug. of 2021. Someone would stack milk crates in a staircase formation, then try to climb it without falling. Many clips appeared of people failing the challenge and some even getting injured seriously. Some results of the trend were broken wrists, shoulder dislocations, spinal cord injuries, and many more. To help stop these types of trends Dobie student Alex Serbia, 8, claimed that banning accounts and expelling students could be a solution. By taking away the ability to post on the platform, users looking to find popularity from these types of trends cannot get what they want and can avoid people getting physically injured.

   Before the “Milk Crate Challenge,” another trend named the “Overdosing on Benadryl Challenge” went around. The trend was to take a concerning amount of Benadryl, trying to experience high and hallucinating. It caused seizures, high heart rate, or heart arrhythmias. A 15-year-old teenager participated in the trend and unfortunately passed.

   One of the most recent trends is no stranger to Dobie: the Devious Licks. Various items such as soap and soap dispensers were stolen from school. Thousands of dollars in damage were calculated due to the trend across the nation. Many students targeted school bathrooms during the trend’s reign of terror, The consequences, though not life-threatening, interrupted their education with OSS and alternate schools.

   Injuries from many different trends that have been obtained are minor or very serious going as far as death. Some injuries have affected everyday people. “My friend participated in one of the trends and she was at the hospital for a week.” Dobie student Sofia Garcia, 8, said. These trends have gone around and will continue going around until people try to end them.

  To some, the consequences are worth the 15 minutes of fame. Making alternate accounts to post more clips of their activities is something someone would do to fulfill their desires. But many are ready to end these trends. Nevertheless, dangerous TikTok trends will continue with no sight of stopping unless a change is made.