Two Years of Team Bonding

The 8th-grade volleyball team has had an amazing relationship with each other for the past two years now. They have formed amazing friendships and bonds that are unbreakable. 

Everyone on the team cares greatly about doing whatever they can do in order to help their team. “When I’m sitting on the sidelines, I am thinking about how I can help my team and how I can play better as an individual when I go back in the game,” said Jaida Williams, A team player.  

The team is always trying to have fun and improve their relationships. Williams said that she prefers home games over away games so that her friends can come and support her and the rest of the team.

 “Our friends make us posters, the cheerleaders come to most of the home games and cheer for us, and the administrators announce us on the announcements after our game to give us recognition,” Williams said.

 Although the team may have bumped heads a few times, they always find ways to figure it out and come back together as one. The team has always been good at encouraging each other and motivating each other to keep going. They have an amazing relationship that will last them a lifetime.