End of Season Brings End of an Era

The volleyball season ended strong with the 8th grade A team only losing one game, and the 8th grade B team winning the district championship. A team’s score was 15-13, and B team’s score was 16-14 for the last game against Corbett.

When entering the last school for the season, the girls started to get very nervous and stressed, but still gave it their all. Brooke Robins said,” Entering Corbett’s gym,” was the most nerve-wracking part of the game.

The teams went into their last game with everything they had and fought until the end. They wouldn’t let the Corbett Mustangs win that easily. The girls tried and worked hard to get there, with their coaches, and teammates by their side the whole time cheering them on and telling them not to give up.

They played and worked hard on the last game and used the friendships they gained in the game to help. 

“We gained a lot of friendship and new relationships that really helped in the last game,” Sophia Palmer said. 

When the girls are together, especially in the last game they were unstoppable.

“Even though we were with each other every day, we still had so much fun playing together,” Palmer said. 

The team is one big family and helps each other with their ups and downs, and they won and lost as one whole. They fought hard and put up a good fight, and are excited for the next season to come.