TikTok Trends: Are They Worth It?

TikTok Trends: Are They Worth It?

   Slap a Teacher, Blackout, Devious-lick, these foolish — and dangerous —  TikTok challenges are getting people hurt across the world. But amongst the dark, there is the good.


 “I think they’re [the TikTok challenges] very stupid and immature,”  says 8th grader Alyssa Meek. She also replied that she had never even thought about participating in the trends.


 Unfortunately, some people have decided to do these challenges. One of these people is Antonella Sicomero of Palermo, Sicily, who lost her life to the “blackout” challenge, where one cuts off oxygen supply until the point of unconsciousness or knocks themself out, according to parentology.com. Countless others have been hospitalized or injured by these challenges.


 While there are countless dangerous challenges, there are also countless harmless challenges across TikTok. From one37pm.com, the Beautiful people challenge is an example, where people nominate others by showing photos of them during the beautiful people song.


 “I think those challenges are fine, more so neutral, because it really depends if it’s affecting anyone or not,” says Mya Salesky, 8th, “I just think people need to chill down a bit.” 


 In the end, TikTok challenges might always exist, the good and the bad. But what you choose, watch and support is always up to you.