Helping and Serving the Community

Helping the community can help change things around you either at school or in the community you live in. But when taking these small steps, how much of an impact will this make?


According to Stacyn Taylor, 8th Grader, “You can support your community by doing Community Service or helping with schools around your district.”


When applying for service work or helping around the neighborhood, this can help build more trust with others around you and this experience might inspire you to do more.


“Advertisement can be done with getting people’s opinions and making ways people can learn about your idea.” Kathryn Sasse said she wants to recognize girl athletes, mental health and school life.


Recognizing others’ needs can make a better community. When recognizing someone’s hardship or troubling doubts, you can possibly help the well-being of that person.


If people can work together and apply the given work ethic, you possibly have made an impact on the environment and hopefully someone’s heart.


Places to volunteer (in the San Antonio area)

Food Bank

New Braunfels number (830) 327-6000

San Antonio number (210) 431-8326)


Meals on Wheels

Contact Information (210) 735-5115


Children’s Hunger Fund

Contact information (210) 395-4200


Animal Shelter

Cibolo Contact Information (210) 659-4851