The overcoming list

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Bucket list the things that keep track of what goals you have, maybe going skydiving, owning a snake, or even going to France. People typically have their own bucket list. Maybe your mom, your dad, anyone can have one.

Bucket lists help people keep track of their goals. Being able to keep those goals on time or, even helping them boost their personal self-esteem.

“The most personal thing on my bucket list is to tone things down and be more aware of my mistakes. I’ll probably just stay aware of myself to achieve it successfully,” said Mia (Arlo) 7

Having a bucket list helps many people with accomplishing their goals or self accomplishments that may help them down the line. A bucket list contains the information they may not want to share with others, but others may.

“The one that will bring the greatest sense of accomplishment will be being able to socialize better. This will probably help me with the small things like asking for help, making friends, etc,” said Arlo

Some bucket lists can carry goals that require someone to step out of their comfort zone, like going to a snake section at a zoo is a big accomplishment for people that have a fear of snakes. Skydiving may strike someone’s fears of heights; many people have many different fears.

“I wanna skydive but I am afraid of heights. Once I accomplish that goal I will celebrate by eating cake at midnight,” said Marco 8

Someone’s bucket list could not be accomplished even when they are 60+ years old. Not everyone can get over their fear to accomplish their goal. Some goals take years to decades to accomplish.

“I’ll probably finish my bucket list when I’m 70. Once I finish my bucket list I will cross it off and celebrate by eating more cake,” said Marco

Working with a bucket list has helped these individuals and many more successes with the things they have been trying to work on for however long it may take them.