Dobie Boys Soccer makes a Near Thundering Comeback

The players step on the field, ready to take on the opponent. When they take their spots on the field, they know all the work, all the hours, is for the feeling when the timer goes off, and they get another win. They know they are making a comeback from the previous season, and they are doing it with the Dobie name and pride.

Dobie 8th grade boys soccer team is on a roll, taking back their wins from last season.

“I feel like we are building as a team. We are picking up from where we left off last season. We got acclimated to each other a little more. There’s a strong possibility that we will go undefeated. Corbett will be a little tough though this year,” explained Case Dierschke, 8, goalkeeper.

With the dramatic turnaround between wins and losses, the team has built a lot of confidence in each other and what they can do as a group. The players still have some nerves, but they can take on and destroy their opponents with personal and team connectivity and trust.

“Our scores and number of wins are definitely better than last season. A lot better. If we had to lose, it would have to be to Corbett. I think we should beat everyone, though.” said Balin Thigpen, 8, right-wing.

The boys have been working hard and harder every day to reach their team goals. They may not have gone undefeated last season with seven wins and two losses, but it’s a very achievable goal this year. Right now, they are 5-0 and getting closer to that undefeated 8-0 title.

“Coach Wallrich said if we go undefeated up to the Corbett game, we get pizza, so I guess that food motivation helps,” said Dierschke. “We are practicing every day, staying with the schedule. Coach Castellanos knows what he is doing.”

Not all games they’ve played so far have been easy wins. There was one or two they’ve had to push each other and themselves. Staying motivated is a big part of that.
“Just think about how you’re going to improve, and not where you are at the moment,” Thigpen explained how to keep your head in the game.

The minute the players step on the bus, they have thousands of thoughts going through their head: how they’re going to play, what the team needs to do, or even how nervous they are.
“I can’t let down the people that actually play soccer,” Deboy said.” It makes me feel kind of bad.”

With how many wins they have had so far in this season, each player has their own way to celebrate. Whether it’s with the team, friends, family, or not celebrating, they at least have some sort of pride going through their heads.

“After a win, I definitely act like nothing happened,” Thigpen explained. “For the most part, it’s just fun. You do get a little tired at times because you’re running so much. I mean, you can’t feel bad. Just a good feeling all around. Team’s happy.”

Even though they played their hearts out and put everything together, they didn’t come out with the win. Even though they don’t have that undefeated title, it doesn’t mean all of the work and hours they put out on the field didn’t happen. They still made sure they represented our school.