Dress Code: Is it stereotypical?


Many students of Dobie have been dress coded. Students have expressed their outrage against the school dress code, yet the school board has yet to do anything in an effort to fix their concerns. The constant dress coding has made students demand a change.

Jocelyn Harris, 8th grade, explained “I was wearing ripped jeans and they told me I had to change because one of the rips was slightly above my knee cap.”

Dress code has been enforcing rules against female students through their policies. Many students also believe that girls should not be targeted when it comes to clothing. 

Brooke Rose, 7, stated “I strongly agree that dress targets females because if you read our district’s dress code, it’s all about what us females wear on a day to day basis.” She also states that “I believe that since principals have to make an announcement to do a dress code check is unbelievable and greatly affects the learning environment.”

Male students here at Dobie also agree that the dress code targets mainly females but they also have concerns of their own.

  “One of the biggest concerns about the dress code for males is the hats and hoods policy,” Daniel Morrison, 8th grade, said. “I don’t think it’s fair because hats are not covering my face so why do I have to keep it off? ” 

Most Cougars believe the dress code should be changed by not targeting a certain gender, allowing hats and/or hoods.