Styles of Art

Styles of art


Markers squeak trying to get ink out of them, the scent of wood shavings and ink combined. Flooding to your nose from a pencil sharpener, the music playing in the background. Staring at something to get inspiration, drawing out of boredom. Pouring all of your emotion and attention into a piece of art is all the details of beautiful work.

The world of art has a wide spectrum, painting, drawing, coloring, building, and so much more. All of the work going into a piece of art can be so beautiful it takes real talent. Art started so long ago, and yet it still keeps advancing daily.
“I do art because it is the best thing that ever happened to me. I do it literally every period, I can’t stop, it’s like a virus,” said Samie Almaraz, 7. “I think in second grade, I started drawing animals and never stopped.”

Art can be so much more than just a scribble on paper and can be done at any time. It is meant to push out emotion and to express feelings in a different way than just talking to someone. There are many different tones of art.

 “I do tones like sad, angry, aggressive, carefree kinda but with emotion in it. Like art you would do while crying,” said Emma Paulsen, 7. “I do it usually late at night or early in the morning because it is cool with the sky gray and listening to music.”

Painting, drawing, coloring all have different patterns, techniques, and even styles. Even sculpting different ways of turning the table and sculpting the clay or even playdough. Making music is a part of this wide spectrum to using instruments and using vocals.

“I like painting, because you can blend more, do different types of streaks and make it look cool,” Alyssa Billings, 7, “Usually, when I see something I can make anything out of it.”

Art is a way to express emotions, thoughts, and words. Art progresses and gets worked on by people around the world every minute of the day. There are so many different ways to express it with different tones and methods.