Throughout the Years


One of Dobie’s greatly appreciated texas history teachers, James Joyner, has been teaching for what he stated feels like “four million years” but has been teaching for 21 and has been at Dobie for 13 years. He has taught economics, world, and Texas history.

  He went to Stephen F. Austin University for two years then finished out his last two years at UTSA and graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology.

Teachers have good and bad experiences in their career including curricular guidance, Classroom management, and many more in the COVID times. For Joyner though, the greatest challenge that has been faced just this year has been cell phones. 

During football coaching at Carroll High School in Corpus Christi, he had a very funny occurrence. 

“I was at practice and we had team pictures the next day. The other coach told me to wear a tux. Questioning why I couldn’t wear basketball shorts and a T-shirt confused me but I walked in the next day in a tux and every coach in there was wearing basketball shorts and a T-shirt I got laughed at by most of my players,” Joyner explained 

Being a teacher is a very stressful job to have, but Joyner does it effortlessly. Students in his classroom know he is very precise with the work produced, the attitudes among the room, and there’s a lot more he does to make sure all his students are very successful.

Joyner is a greatly appreciated member of our school and community. We can’t wait for the struggles he will support our students through in the future.




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