Issues with Social Media



You’re laying in your bed late at night before school, scrolling on your phone. You keep making excuses to stay up longer knowing you’ll regret it in the morning. You’re scrolling through your posts that you’ve made, reading the comments. You come across one that makes you overthink your post, and while all the other comments are positive, that one negative comment stays on your mind.


“Even though I quite like social media it has many flaws and negative effects. A lot of my friends use social media, some of them are addicted to it, others compare themselves to photoshopped people/filters that morph their faces,” Kaitlyn Hall said.


Social media is very popular among teens especially nowadays with its easy access, but is it as good as it seems?


“I think social media can have positive and negative effects on people. You can get a lot of positive comments and love from people, but you can also get lots of negative comments about yourself. Social media helps you present yourself as a better looking person with filters, but they make me feel bad about myself later because I wish I looked like that,” Mckenzie Fields explained.


Although social media apps are a beloved part of our daily lives, we scroll through posts and play with filters. This has a very negative effect on some teens’ mental health.


“I think life without social media would be both bad and good. There are a lot of bad influences and flaws that cause such a toll on our mental health with this, but it also helps you make friends and connect with others,” Angelica Gonzalez commented.


Social media is great for talking with your friends and relatives far away. You can also show them what you’re up to in an easy way. It gives you many opportunities/experiences people didn’t have in the past. With this there are many downfalls though, many of which can be fixed with the change of people’s attitudes.