Student Hobbies

Student Hobbies


A hobby can be anything, whether it’s knitting, singing, drawing, typing whatever you can imagine it can be a hobby. You may be thinking “Well I don’t have a hobby.” A hobby is something that you do regularly for fun, like playing sports or playing video games. You don’t even have to be good, all you have to do is have fun! There are many hobbies a person can do, but for now let’s take a look at a few hobbies Dobie students have.


“I love to read comics! The stories in them are really interesting plus I’ve always loved Marvel movies,” Sammy Said, 8,said.


Comics are a great way to pass time or just really reading in general is fun for some people. While reading might not be some people’s favorite thing to do but, almost everyone likes video games. Whether it’s a RPG (role playing game) or MOBA (multiplayer online battle area) ,video games are a big hit for almost all kids.

“I was never a video game person but I was bored one day and tried it out. It was surprisingly pretty fun. I play video games a lot now actually,” Andrew Gonzales, 8,said.


While trying new things sometimes seems a little pointless, it’s a big world and there’s something for everyone even if you don’t think so. Be adventurous and try new things. What’s the worst that could happen? Even if you fail, never give up and try again!


-Caydence Jackson