Love’s in the Air


Photo by Tricia Roberts

Valentine’s Day is a special time in the month of February where people show their love toward important people in their lives. Now, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about showing you care in your romantic relationships. It’s also about the relationships between friends and families.

Some people have different opinions about Valentine’s Day and how far you should go with celebrating it. Some think people go overboard, and some think it’s celebrated perfectly fine the way it is. 

“It doesn’t bother me that people obsess over Valentine’s Day, but I think that people do obsess over it,” Jarrett Aguinaga,7, said.

People celebrate Valentine’s Day in different ways. They all have different people they spend it with. Some don’t even spend it with the person they love. Everyone doesn’t celebrate it in the same, traditional way.

“The best way to spend Valentine’s Day is with friends and people you care about because the holiday is about showing people you care,” Jordann Neskora, 8, said.

Valentine’s Day seems like it needs a dance in order to complete it and make it official. At Dobie, the Valentine’s day dance was February 11th. 

“I think the Valentine’s dance is a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day at school because it gives people something to do,” Neskora said.

There are many students who think Valentine’s Day is annoying and shouldn’t be celebrated that much at school. There are others who love it and think that Valentine’s Day should be changed to be celebrated more.

“Honestly, I think it should stay the same. I feel like it’s evenly celebrated,” Aiden Sauls, 8, said.

Valentine’s Day is becoming a big deal in February at school. It’s being celebrated a lot more each year. Many people celebrate it with important people in their lives.

Photo by Mikea Morrison