Student Review: The Garden’s Mirror Might Steal Your Charm Album

Student Review: The Gardens Mirror Might Steal Your Charm Album

     Formed in 2011, Twins Wyatt and Fletcher Shears created the band The Garden. The band created the term “Vada Vada” to represent their music. Vada Vada represents total freedom of expression without boundaries or guidelines. On March 30, 2018 the band released their third album, Mirror Might Steal Your Charm.

     “No Destination” was released January 24, 2018 as a single but would later be included into Mirror Might Steal Your Charm. February 27 the music video for “Stallion” would be released and would announce the album. And three days before the release of the album “Call The Dogs Out” came out. In total 12 songs would be included into the album. 

     This album has great bass and drums all throughout the songs. Each song is likable in their own ways, with each song differing from the previous. At times it feels like a different genre than the rest. Some songs are exciting and fast paced and some take it slower. Certain songs aren’t as good compared to the others.

     There’s not that many downsides to the album, “Voodoo Luck” isn’t the best song in the album; the lyrics don’t fit in well, it doesn’t feel as great to listen to. Otherwise everything else is great to listen to. 

     The album is worth every play, it has to be one of the best albums made by The Garden. “No Destination” has great instrumentation and the lyrics make it even better. It feels like an opening to a movie almost. “Who Am I Going To Share All Of This Wine With?” has amazing bass in the intro, some of the best currently heard. “Stallion” and “Shameless Shadow” have great vocals that go with the background music.

     Mirror Might Steal Your Charm is a great album to listen to if you want to get into The Garden’s music. It’s a great choice for wanting something new. Most songs are great to listen to, even if it’s the first time or the hundredth.