Personal View: Why I volunteer at an animal shelter

Abigail Maynor, Staff reporter


dog photo
A dog at the shelter awaits a forever home. There are thousands of animals without homes, animals that are suffering, and animals that are dying. But luckily, there are animal shelters that take in homeless, and abused animals.

The Animal Defense League in San Antonio is a no-kill animal shelter that takes good care of their dogs and cats. “We have a little volunteers that come in the morning during the weekend, but during the summer we have a lot of volunteers here during the week,“ said Vesha, a staff member .

In the Animal Defense League puppies are a lot more popular than dogs, recently they have had a low amount of puppies, which is good. It means puppies are getting adopted.

“On busy days, we get a lot of puppies adopted,” said Vesha. Making a change, like volunteering at an animal shelter can save many other lives, make them happier than ever before. Sadly many, many dogs and cats are dying each day because they’re not being treated the way that they should . It takes guts to volunteer, you want to take everyone of them home, but you can’t. Donate, if you can’t volunteer; or even foster if possible.

“I like working with both the puppies and dogs because I love them both, but I’ve basically been stuck in the puppy buildings because that’s where most of the customers are attracted to,” said Vesha. “If I could I would love to volunteer, but sadly I’m allergic to cats,” said Crissy Cantu, 7th grader.

But that’s okay if you’re allergic to cats, or to dogs because you don’t have to volunteer in the dog section and the cat section, you can volunteer in either section. Volunteering also has good benefits on you, you can meet new friends, such as other volunteers or staff members ,and your efforts will increase that animal to get adopted.

The animal shelter can’t do everything on their own. They need kind people to donate and to foster. Their mission is to save as many animals as possible, and to provide them with compassion and attention until they are adopted. To volunteer you have to be 16 years or older, if not you have to be with someone 16 years or older .

So, do you want to make a change to the world ? If so, volunteering at an animal shelter is the right thing for you!