Dress code angers students

Kaitlyn H., Staff reporter

As a new year at Dobie Junior High begins, the teachers and staff are telling students the new rules. Dress code has changed from last year. 

“I think dress code this year is outrageous!!!” Reina Huff, 8th grader says, “There’s nothing good about dress code. All of it is bad. I hate that we can barely wear anything besides jeans and a t-shirt,” Huff said.

Teachers definitely do not always follow dress code. Being in Dobie for 5 minutes you can realize this.

“It’s not fair that teachers don’t always follow dress code because if we aren’t fully developed and guys get ‘distracted’ by us, what are they going to think of fully developed woman in skin tight dresses?” Huff says furiously.

Boys at Dobie sometimes wear muscle shirts and pull their shirts up in athletics or p.e., they wear shorts that are too short, or wear ripped jeans.

“I feel they are more lenient with boys than girls for dress code. They can wear anything they want and get away with it,” Huff said with disappointment.

 What if students could change dress code by voting?

“If I could change anything it would be for us to wear what we want without being illogical. I actually like when people wear ripped jeans or leggings or crop tops because I think it’s cute and I can compliment them and ask them where they got it from,” Huff says.

“I feel like the society is sexist and sees girls as sexual objects. They are teaching us to fear men, which isn’t right,” Huff said.

Asking students about the dress code topic itself obviously angers them. It’s very obstructing that students can become very upset about something that could be changed.

If students started a petition for this, maybe the rules would change drastically.