CrossFit helps kids lose weight

Kara Posey, Staff reporter

CrossFit was founded in 2000 in Santa Cruz ,CA all by Greg Glassman. Glassman mainly made CrossFit for conditioning and strengthening for athletes. Sure, CrossFit has risk of injury, but there’s is with any high intensity of physical activity.

Overall, when performed with invested coaching and understanding of personal limitations, CrossFit will be a hard workout with fitness gains.

 Kids CrossFit was introduced very recently to help the rising obesity problem. CrossFit Kids emphasizes good movement and good mechanics, CrossFit’s goals  are to have a fun active way of strengthening and conditioning themselves for sports and or just bring healthy.

I’m losing a lot of unwanted weight and gaining not only muscle, but a better me,” said Kaylah.

The Crossfit environment is one of the most encouraging, there’s always more cheers for the underdog , I know all that from experience.