The Fall Musical: The Wizard of OZ: Before the Auditions

From behind the curtain you can hear the rumble of the audience. You can smell the expensive perfumes.

Your stomach is churning, you might throw up… The curtains rise. Center stage a single spotlight. You are fabulous… You are a STAR.

Dobie Jr. High, are you as ready for the Fall Musical as I am? My name is Brooklyn Moore and I am eager for the Fall Musical to begin!

Auditions are on Monday and Tuesday the 19th and 20th. Our actors and actresses are thrilled about doing The Wizard of OZ!

The suspense of not knowing who gets one part is probably the worst thing you could do to a group of Junior High students.

Many of our students are definitely shooting for a lead part including, Maia Reyes “MJ”-grade 8-and Tracy Berumen-grade 8. Unfortunately only one actress can score the role of Dorothy, there is going to be some mean competition at auditions.

At auditions the most important thing to do is be confident, but for some the nerves may take over.

“ I have always had really bad stage fright, it has kind of always been like that.” said Justin Carr-Palmer-8th grade- who wants to audition for a middle part.

The worst part about nerves is they hold people back from even auditioning. People like Kathleen Melton-8th grader- says that she is,too nervous to audition and don’t feel like they will not  get a part at all.”

I feel like even if you are nervous you should still audition because acting is an experience and in my opinion a great experience. If you do not get the part it will make you better for next time.

As one of the stars in our childhood has said, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Please come to the musical on November 1st. I can already tell that it is going to be pretty magnificent!

Stay tuned for more on the play COMING SOON in my column!