Cross country runners push for faster times

Cross Country prepares some for track

Shayreen Thompson

A lot of girls and boys have been practicing their running speed, strength and ability to to beat other people at Cross Country meets.

At a recent cross country meet,  7th and 8th graders from every school in the district nervously gathered before the run. Many people got really good places at the meet. They were happy and they were having fun.

“To get speed and get ready for track,” is 8th grader Avrial Estrada’s goal for Cross Country this year. She has practiced every day in the morning so she can build up her speed and be strong for this track season.

“Push your time,” is something common that coaches say to the Track and Cross Country runners at practice or at games to pump up runners. It means that everyday you need to push yourself to go beyond what you did the day before.

Alexandria Fisher was in Track and Cross Country last year. She practices in the mornings and at night when it’s not crowded.

“My goal this season is not to fall or trip, but my main goal is to try my best, be fast enough, and trying to get a good higher placements at meets. I want to improve on my speed and my strength,” said Fisher, stating her goals.