Girl’s Eighth Grade Basketball Team ready to shine

Every student at Dobie loves basketball, well most students, and they sure do love the boy’s basketball team, but what about the girls. Our lady cougars basketball eighth grade team are ready to shine.

“I like basketball because you can defend the ball and that’s most important.” said Traeh Haynes 8th grader, who plays a post player. At the games the players family and friends supported them in the stands as they played against the opposing team.

“The exciting part of basketball is the thrill of scoring.” said Lennon Cisneros, 8th grader. “Everything, I like everything about basketball.” said Avery Brady, 7th grader.  

Dobie girl’s basketball team mostly focuses on teamwork and team leadership to show the girls how important it is to be connected with your fellow players. “Because when you work together you’ll have a better goal setting,” Haynes said, “It helps you create a better environment for your team and helps you get hype up.”

They also have to work hard every week before a game their game on Thursday after school. “The team has to work twice as hard to get your body in condition before the game,” Haynes said, “ For example lots of running drills, shooting layups, short corner shots, and much more.”

Even though they win a basketball game there are still things they have to improve to become better than they are were before. “Yes, because you have to work for another common goal in basketball to be better than before,” Haynes said.

The eighth grade lady cougars work hard, but don’t get enough recognition like the boys do. They know how to use teamwork, leadership, and their athleticism in every game. The girls’ basketball team work hard every single day and really represents the Dobie Jr. High eighth grade lady cougars.