Boys Soccer

Shayla Dunsirn and Ethan LaFranco

This is the first year that Dobie has had a soccer team so the expectations are high. Since this is the first season the boys and coaches are still adapting to the new sport. Since Dobie has so many sports not all of the coaches can coach that sport so the new coach, coach Walrich is in charge.


The team consists of many players including Juan.L and Christopher.P who are doing really well. “I think that the boys soccer season is going really well, they have a lot of great players on the team.” said Madison S (period 3). The boys soccer team are 2-2 so far and hope to keep up the hard work


“The team is doing great,” says Christopher P, “They could just use a little more work.” Xavier B is playing goalie and has gotten good at it.Along with Christopher who is playing center field. There is only one team for soccer unlike football where they have three different ones depending on how good you are.
The team is practicing on passes,dribbles,rainbows and tons of other things. After school the soccer team practices and they run at least a mile at the beginning to warm them up. Then they run drills around the field to improve their skills.