Weather is changing

Weather is changing

The majority of students all know that the beginning of January tends to be one of the coldest times of the year. Snow is falling in many places around the globe and if it’s not snowing, then the wind blows so much it makes you shiver and your teeth clatter. However, since the new year has begun, the weather has fluctuated greatly between being cold and then warm in a matter of a few weeks.

Many students have been enjoying the warm weather such as Zoe Gamboa, an 8th grader, who says that she is not used to the weather but still likes it.

“It’s normally hot, we normally have mild winters,” said Gamboa says. Students are not afraid to take advantage of the warmer weather. Normally in this type of weather Gamboa likes to spend time
outside while Zoe Clark, an 8th grader, says that she enjoys riding her bike on warmer days.

Although there are many students who enjoy the warm weather, other students, such as Emmalee Prince, have been favoring the cold weather.

“I love the cold weather because it feels more comfortable when it’s cold than when it’s hot,” said Prince. When the weather is cold, Prince says that she enjoys playing her clarinet or doing her homework outside.

“Whenever it’s humid outside, it can mess up your instrument and make it harder to play,” Prince said. “So for me, it’s a lot better and more comfortable to practice my clarinet when it’s cold.”

According to the weather in Cibolo for the month of January has been very interesting. In the first week of January alone, the temperature went from being in the high 70s, to the low 50s, back up to the high 60s, and drastically down again into the high 40s and 30s.

Clark said that she checks the weather to know if she can wear either long sleeves or short sleeves, “On a normal day I would wear jeans and a t-shirt,” said Clark.

Many students have different opinions on what weather they would prefer. Most students would prefer the warm weather since it has been cold. “I am somewhere between because I like the cold also the warm for different reasons,” Gamboa said.