Bus Students Standing Outside Until Doors Of Dobie Open

Tracy Berumen, Zoe Clark, Alia Simpson, Bus Students Standing Outside Until Doors Of Dobie Open

Bus Students Standing Outside Until Doors of Dobie Open

By Tracy Berumen, Zoe Clark, and Alia Simpson

It may seem to many that there is a new rule being enforced at Dobie Jr. High concerning waiting outside before the doors open in the morning. However, the school is actually going back to its standard opening time from last year.

Last year the doors opened at 7:45, unlike the beginning of this school year where the doors opened at 7:30.  Mrs. Silva , Vice Principal for last names A-L, said this is  because everyone, bus riders, car riders, and walkers, were entering from the same door. The administrators were trying to prevent chaos.

Now with the office construction being completed and a new set of doors being open where car riders can come in through, the office has decided to go back to the original opening time of 7:45.

The reason bus riders are having to wait out side, though, is because buses started coming earlier when the opening time was 7:30, and now the buses are dropping kids off at the same time, but the doors are opening later.

Having to wait outside has angered some students especially because it has been getting colder. According to Weather.com the lowest tempeture for the month of December was 45 degrees Fahrenheit and the highest was 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Then the first Friday we came back from winter break it dropped down to a low of 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

Valeria G., eighth grade, had her opinion on the matter, “It makes me feel cold and starts off my mornings with me getting angry.”

There is also a lot of bus riders piling by the door waiting to get in. With 1180 students at Dobie and the majority of them being bus riders, getting inside is hectic for many. Ilyonah S., eighth grade, said, “ There are so many people pushing that someone could get hurt.”   Some students have raised the question, why don’t teachers have to wait for the doors to open too?

Some students disagree that the teachers should have to wait with the students. Makayla F., 8th grade, stated her thoughts on the situation, “I think that it is a good thing that teachers are able to be let in when they arrive at school because they also have to set up and get organized for the day to start for the students as well as the teachers.”

Many students think that they should change the school opening time back to 7:30. Ilyonah S. stated that if the bus drops us off the doors should be open and if they would let us in earlier we would have more time to do homework and get to our clubs.

Gonzalez agrees with Saunders and said they should just let us in because in the end everyone tries to push each other through the door.

According to the Dobie Jr. High website, morning clubs don’t begin until 7:45, so getting to your clubs shouldn’t be a problem for bus riders.

However, some people don’t mind waiting outside. Collin M., seventh grade, says it doesn’t affect his morning and it doesn’t make him angry.

According to the Corbett Jr. High web page Corbett Jr. High opens at 7:45, so there is no difference in the opening of the two school.