My first experience with the flu

Lindsey Villarreal, Staff Reporter

Well if your parents say you’ll be fine without a flu shot don’t listen to them!!! The funny situation was I thought I would’ve been fine without a flu shot, but that was not the case, instead what happen was me feeling REALLY bad, puking up phlegm, high fever, and oh yeah, getting the most sour medicine you can even imagine.

OK, the first part of this madness all started on a Saturday. I woke up early in the morning and coughed with having the most strangest taste which was the taste of phlegm, then me being really let’s say dumb and had a sour and sweet snack that did not go well with my stomach. Needless to say I threw up, and felt weak the next day. I kept beating myself down thinking I ruined my little brother’s birthday. The bright side is that I didn’t throw up when my little brother was awake, so the birthday wasn’t really ruined.

Next day,school starting,I felt the worst that I could’ve ever felt. It is known as the peak A.K.A. when you feel the worst when you have the flu i.e. you’re the most contagious. IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! The worst part was my mom did not even believe I was sick even though I had then threw up again, she thought I was acting just because I thought my face looked ugly after I puked, you know how your veins pop out of your face when you push too hard to puke,that’s what I mean, but that’s not why. I honestly felt like I was about to die, so she decided to let me stay home, even though what she didn’t know and what I didn’t know is that it was better to keep me home, because I wouldn’t have exposed you guys to the flu.

Tuesday,the doctor’s office, as usual always nervous,thought I would have come back to school since the fever had died down,but my mom wanted to take me,they did the regular stuff, check your heartbeat, blood pressure,etc., but then came the worst part the tests!!!!! The doctor made me take a Strip Throat test and a Flu test. Strip test came out negative,but the Flu test came out positive!!! Obviously since I was so scared and stupid, I said this “Am I gonna die?!?!!?!!?!!”.The doctor laughed,and said no, my mom also laughed along,the doctor told me how they treated it,and prescribed me with the medicine TamiFlu,we went to CVS and try to get the medicine,but they only gave half of what I was prescribed,and we waited for 4 DAYS!!!!!!!! We kept going and asking, but they kept saying “Come back tomorrow at four…” but they never had the medicine.

Then a few days later,back at school the medicine was completely gone right after I took at 9:00 in the morning, by the way thanks mom. After school we talked to the pharmacist and they stupidly said they didn’t have it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!!??!?! They said they only had the pills and not the liquid medicine, by the way the liquid medicine tasted so sour,it said on the label it would taste like sugar, it doesn’t, nope. My mom had to put two teaspoons of sugar just to not make it sour, yeah it was that bad. The pharmacist said to talk with doctor again,to get her to change the prescription from liquid medicine to pills.

We went again to the doctor to talk her about changing my prescription, we told her what happened and she was also furious as we were when she talked to the pharmacy, but she was able to change the prescription. We went back and they couldn’t give us the prescription, because “apparently” our insurance didn’t cover the pills. Then why did they cover the liquid????? The lead pharmacist said that the pharmacist was fighting for the insurance to cover our medicine,but technically it’s their fault. They made us wait for FOUR days, and then they tell us the medicine isn’t available. REALLY?!?!?!!?! Never going there again. We waited for a long time, we didn’t get home til’ 9:00 at night. Obviously they apologized,but really next time be responsible and order the medicine. I mean it’s flu season, you should have plenty of that medicine.

Well, all I know is that I am taking the flu shot as soon as I get better, because the flu is not a pretty experience. Take it from me. I missed four days of school, stayed up all night doing absent work, and I have to make up tests and quizzes from last week, so I’m not happy. TAKE THE FLU SHOT!!!!!!! It will help you so much. The flu experience is not pretty take it from me. Let’s survive the final of this flu season.