New Year’s resolutions are popular

New Year’s Eve is usually marked by setting new goals. Setting goals for the new year allows people to focus on becoming a better person day by day as if it were a “fresh start”. Each person has their own way of improving themselves or lifestyles. Views can often change, whether they are about people, things, habits, and so much more. says the most resolution said to be done is to lose weight/healthier eating which is said by 21.4% of people in America. The percent of people who have infrequent success is 48%. There is about a 37.8% success rate of people near the age of twenty whom actually achieve their resolutions each year.

Only about 16.3% of people over the age of fifty achieve their resolutions each year. Yet, here at Dobie, the resolutions are very different.

”I think it is important to write a resolution because it is good to look for something to improve in themselves,” said Ms. Julie Jordiin, social studies teacher at Dobie.

This year she “broke it up into four sections,” something she wants to work on in each aspect of her life. “Rather than just working on one set goal, she has four that she wants to accomplish. Her four areas that she wants to improve in are social, spiritual, emotional, and physical.

By social goals she wants to remember birthdays. Her spiritual goal is to read her bible daily. Emotionally she wants to “be intentional” with what she says and does. Lastly, her physical goal is to walk four times a week.

For Gineā Chambers, 8th grade, to start this year great she has decided to not associate to any negative people. Chambers wants to meet better people that will make her happy this year. “My view on people has definitely changed, you can’t always trust what people say,” said Chambers. 

Joe-David Galan, 8th grader, feels like this year is just gonna be another year full of drama. “Same year same people and same drama. I’m not too excited about this year,” he said.

Just like everyone else he had some new year’s resolutions “Get higher grades and participate more than I did last year,” but all students know it’s hard to accomplish these resolutions.

Lavonya Lakey, 8th grader, feels good about this year. She wants a “smaller group” to decrease her chances of drama. “I want to change myself this year, I want to start standing up for myself instead of letting people walk on me,” said Lakey. “From 2016 to now, I have changed because I love myself a tad bit more. People have changed so much, and I stopped judging people,” said Lakey. “I’m my biggest obstacle, I hold myself back from accomplishing my goals.” 

With all this new hype about the new year, people are beginning to think that this year will be a whole lot better than last year. Mostly, everybody is excited to see what this year will bring. Others feel that this year is not going to be so great.