Boys soccer season winds down

2-5 season record for first season of Dobie soccer


Christine Leos, Staff Reporter

In November, about 40 boys tried out for this year’s soccer team — the first for Dobie Junior High. Only 22 of the players who tried out made the team.

On Thursday, November 10, the soccer boys were so excited for their first scrimmage of the season. They played in their first tournament the following week.

Camren Dake, striker, is one of the top goal scorers. “It was a tough beginning of the season considering we didn’t have any soccer equipment, not even soccer balls, until about the 3rd or 4th week,” said Dake, a 7th grader.

Some faculty and students enjoyed going to support the team at their games.

“The boys put in a lot of effort and definitely tried their hardest this season,” said Kimberly Guajardo, 7th grader. “I think Camren had the strongest foot and kicks on the team. I only really know about the team because of him, he really holds up the team.”

As the season went on with each practice and game, the team improved. The boys became closer and started working together more. “I feel I had played an important part on this team by going to important games and participating,” said John Andrade.

With a season record of 2-5, it definitely was a rough season, but the boys never gave up. They still had fun and continued to grow. Favorite memories were shared. “The games we won against Mountain Valley and Church Hill,” said Dake. “We felt like we worked for it, the work we put in actually paid off.”

Some on the team area already looking forward to next year.

“I know what to expect for next year, and we can plan for improvements for the athletes individually and as a team,” said Dake.