Hair Styles 2017

By: Veronica R.

Ms. Gonzalez answered some questions about hair. She was in CM by the computers doing some paperwork. She gets her hair done at synergy beauty salon. She keeps her hair done and likes it straightened. She doesn’t know how often she goes to the salon. Her other family member gets their hair done “ Twice a year or like every 6 months.”  Said Ms. Gonzalez.

Her favorite celebrity with there hair styles is “Demi Lovato because It is dark and full.” She said. She has a lot of friends with there hair done  but she only likes the high lights in them.

By:Isabel M.

Kaiden is a 7th grader.  Kayden gets his hair done at sport homes. His favorite style is “ The one I have know because it my favorite soccer player.” He says “ I get my hair done once a year  because he doesn’t care about it really.”  his favorite family members are his middle brother at home. He doesn’t know his favorite celebrity with the hair style. And he says “Sure.” for liking  his friends haircuts or hairstyles

By: Cheryl S.

Mrs. Loomis is the librarian here at Dobie. “I get my hair done at City of Hair. Its right down the street,” she said. She says that her favorite hair style is to have it long and straight and layered. She says that she looks better in long hair. “I get my hair done every 2 months,” she said. She says that her daughter also gets her hair done at the same place. “I don’t really have a favorite celebrity with their hairstyle,” she says.