Liberals that Participated in the Women’s March


From Huffington Post

Avery Thames, staff reporter

The Women’s March was filled with pro-abort women, which caused quite a few problems. If women tried to be pro-life, they were not allowed to march, and if they still did, they were openly scorned, and sometimes attacked physically as well. The pro-aborts somehow think that it is okay to murder an unborn baby, but it is not okay for a police officer to kill an armed criminal in their own defense. “…the pro-aborts are blind to the fact that the body growing within a woman’s womb is a completely different body…” Says the Conservative Review. Many Liberals have flawed ways of thinking, as proven in the supposedly “Women’s March”.

Many of the women marching in the Women’s March believe that if you don’t agree with them, then you are wrong, and have no place. And they think this even though the march is supposedly supposed to represent all women. ““It’s going to be a whole bunch of people standing up and saying, ‘You’re not a real woman if you don’t agree with us,’” says Flores, who works as the spokeswoman for Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump’s pick for attorney general.” According to theguardian’s news. Also, according to other sites, many majorities of women were not represented in the march. Many of the marchers would only let in people that agreed with them, which is extremely biased and discriminating, even though they say they are the accepting ones.

Even men were allowed to march, as long as they held their views. Even though women that were still Liberal, though pro-life, were not. Separate marches were held in other countries for some reason, even though Trump would not affect them in that way at all. And if violence broke out, and a person that did not share their views was the one attacked, they blamed the victim. “A man punched a female conservative reporter in the face at a Women’s March in Canada over the weekend, and feminists attending the rally blamed the woman.” Says Washington Times. Many of the Liberals think in this way for some reason, believing that it is your fault for having a different opinion.