Personal View: Why Rouge One: A Star Wars Story is Necessary

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Brittany Bewley , Copy editor

Why Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is Necessary To The Star Wars Saga

By Brittany Bewley

As of December 16, 2016, Rouge One was released into theaters all over America. Fans came into movie theaters on the very night it came out. Rouge One is a movie that is centered on the female rebel Jyn Erso whose father helped build the death star. When she was little the empire lieutenant Orson Kennic came and killed Jyn’s mother and took her father to finish building the Death Star. Saw Gerrera, a rebel alliance leader took Jyn in and trained her to fight for the rebel alliance. But the main plot of the movie or reason it to explain the Star Wars episode 3 A New Hope. Going into detail of how Luke was able to take down the Death Star with one blast and How Princess Leia got the Death Star blue prints, but all that information came only at the end of the movie. Like I said before, the main purpose of the movie was to explain how everything worked in the Star War episode A New Hope. The movie Rogue One is necessary to the Star Wars saga. Without Rouge One, we would only be able to guess how everything worked behind the original plot with Luke, Leia, and Han Solo.

The summary of the first Star Wars episode, A New Hope is basically Luke finding Obi Wan and helping him get R2-D2 to the rebel force because R2-D2 holds the blueprints of the Death Star. Along the way, they have a smuggler (Han Solo) escort them to the Rebel base and save Princess Leia along the way. But they were unlucky to meet Darth Vader, who killed Obi Wan. Luck ends up joining the Rebel Alliance to fight Darth Vader and destroy the Death Star, to which he ends up doing. This now leaves us with some questions as to how Princess Leia got the blueprints to the Death Star and how luke was able to destroy the Death Star with only a single shot. In the beginning of Rouge One, we are introduced to the head engineer to the Death Star, Jyn’s father Galen Eroso. But we are not told the time of the movie just yet, just only that the Death Star is in the making. Just that answers a couple of semi important questions; ‘how did the engineers and other workers that helped built the Death Star feel about making it?’ ‘How did the Empire hire and handle their employees?’. Even as the plot of the story itself, disregarding the other episodes, it’s about the life of Jyn Eroso.

Around the end of the movie Rogue One, Jyn, Cassian, K-2SO, and other Rebels sneak into an empire airport where they kept the Death Star blueprints. At this point we know how the empire tested their Death Star and how the Rebel Alliance functions and other semi important questions. But we figure out that it wasn’t that Luke destroyed the Death Star with one shot that shouldn’t have happen, it was luck that Luke shot the one spot that Galen Eroso built into the Death Star that would destroy the whole Death Star if shot. At the very end, Jyn gets the blueprints to one of the Rebel Alliance ships to be sent out to the Rebel Headquarters. And one that ship was Princess Leia, who had the blueprints. Therefore explaining the whole episode of A New Hope. And so, Rouge One: A Star Wars Story is necessary.