Feminism Has Devolved

Ok listen Women/Feminists whatever you call yourself I don’t care I’m warning you might get triggered by this. Deal with it, it’s my opinion.

Feminism has devolved. It is not what it was back in the 1800’s. It has turned from women fighting for something noble, to women complaining about how a video game character’s butt is too big. Come on!

Ladies it’s just getting stupid now.

I want you to read and listen to this part, and realize how stupid this sounds. Now a woman said she was raped. Now that’s really serious but the story itself is just idiotic. 

She was at the pool and she started to drown. (she wasn’t that fit she was actually kinda really fat.) She was then saved by a man that wasn’t a lifeguard, but still he saved her and when he took her out she started yelling at him because he picked her up and pulled her out of the pool, and she claims to be raped, when in reality she was being saved from drowning, so basically she would rather drown than be saved by a man.

Next point, these Feminists say they want equality for both genders. (There are only two genders, I’m  nipping that argument in the bud.) That would be awesome if that was what they were actually doing but, shocker, they’re not because when they want equality, they just want more rights for women and only women.

If they really wanted equality then they would stop moaning and complaining about assault charges from men because she hit him first, that’s called defending yourself honey.

Ok now what is it with feminists and attacking video games, even Milo Yiannopoulos talked about it he said “It’s easy to mock video games as dorky loners in yellowing underpants.”

Indeed, in previous columns, I’ve done it myself. Occasionally at length. But, the more you learn about the latest scandal in the games industry, the more you start to sympathize with the frustrated male stereotype.

Because an army of sociopaths feminist programmers and campaigners, abetted by achingly politically correct American tech bloggers, are terrorizing the entire community – lying, bullying and manipulating their way around the internet for profit and attention.

“These feminists need to be stopped when it comes to videogames. If you’re gonna fight for something, at least know what is going on in video games such as Overwatch. Their characters are getting attacked by Feminists because some of the women characters are “sexual” and yeah they are. But they’re not naked, they just have big butts, but come on it’s a video game are you kidding me.

Then there are games like GTA V (Grand Theft Auto five) where there are strip clubs, but this is game where you can buy endless amounts of cars guns etc and one more thing IT’S RATED M for mature and I’m pretty sure that Rock Star, the people who made the game, aren’t going to listen to bunch of women complaining about this game.  

Final Point: Ok Women listen to this, this is the end of my opinion but here we go last point.

Money. Okay women, if  you don’t go to work and you don’t work overtime then you don’t deserve the same amount of money as a man that does.

Now if you do that then good. But did you do a good job did you do just as good as everyone else, and if you didn’t then you don’t deserve that money. Case closed.