Violent Games Create Violent Crimes

Technology is involved in our everyday lives but, some parents feel videogame companies have taken it too far with the violence they include in their games. Professionals have proven that video games make children aggressive whether they know it or not. I for one am no stranger to playing video games but, I have seen some pretty gory games and they have left me with nightmares from zombies and blood to death and destruction. People may think oh it’s no big deal it’s just a game it’s not real but, children are very impressionable and if they’re playing violent games for hours on end it makes them think that it’s ok to kill and be violent. Children should not be exposed to this type of violence even some age suggestions are too low for that type of game.

Video games create violence and aggression even if they aren’t violent now, they can remember and use that violence when they are older. “Video game violence also leads to decreases in prosocial behavior, empathy, and sensitivity to aggression, the task force added.” said Health Line a website that covers illnesses and their causes. The American Psychological Association or the APA says, “A task force report released in August 2015 by the American Psychological Association (APA) concluded there’s a definite link to increased aggression in children who play violent video games.”

Violence is already a problem in the U.S. and around the world but, it is our own fault allowing children play these games that are meant for older teens. Professional studies show there is an increase in violence when children play violent video games that aren’t meant for their age group. The APA also, stated “In light of the task force’s conclusions, APA has called on the industry to design video games that include increased parental control over the amount of violence the games contain.” This statement will help control how much violence children have in the games. Violence can also, be caused because of depression, antisocial reasons, delinquency, and academic problems. So, please make sure you know what your child is playing because, if you don’t your little baby can end up in jail because, of their actions.