Shooting at Rolling Oaks Mall

Shayla Dunsirn, staff

Guns being allowed in public is dangerous. If having guns in public was illegal then there would be less shootings. Guns should only be allowed for self defense mainly when children are in the position of getting harmed. Many deaths are caused by public shootings.

Security should check before someone enters. Two men attempted to rob a jewelry store in rollings oaks mall but started shooting when a bystander tried to stop them. Guns should not be allowed without id showing permission to carry a weapon.

More security is needed. The lack of security is a big problem especially since children are there also. With barely any security some people might consider it a chance to commit some type of crime. For the safety of everyone, there needs to be more security at every area of the mall.

Out of the two men that attempted the robbery, one of them got away. The other man was taken into custody and has been charged with capital murder. The one who got away later got into a car accident using the stolen vehicle.

They were only looking to rob a jewelry store but then ended up hurting people. They didn’t consider what might happen if something goes wrong. People seem to have forgotten about the bystanders who either died or were harmed, but they were brave and will be missed.