Donald Trump’s Immigration Ban

Cameron Wright, Staff Reporter

On January 27 2017, Donald Trump signed on an immigration ban that would send the world into a frenzy. From that day forward, people wishing to come to America from the countries of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia would not be welcome to board a plane to come into the United States of America, no matter if they had an approved visa to come to the Americas or not. “The ban on all refugees to the United States is set at 120 days. Syrian refugees, who made up the second largest group of refugees to the United States in 2016, are barred indefinitely,” is a quote from a New York Times article about the immigration ban. Trump’s immigration ban will not help and must be stopped.

  If Donald Trump truly believed that terrorists were a threat to the United States; what’s to say they are not already here? His ban affected the immigrants from 7 middle eastern countries with a Muslim population, but not any people here. If he truly thought that all Muslims were a threat then why doesn’t he put stricter bans on the Muslims in America, where you can buy a gun and bullets online and there is no suspicion.  Many Americans are also in terrorist groups that are largely Muslim based, and they have citizenship in America and are welcome and encouraged to come back to America.

  With this ban, many Muslims, even if they’re in America legally right now, do not feel safe and feel like they are not welcome in America. The amount of hate that Donald Trump has for people of color or other religions besides his is not okay, he is the President of the United States and he should be open to everyone and everything. Living in a country where you are discriminated by the people because of your religion is terrifying but living in a country where the leader doesn’t care for your religion is completely horrifying to think about. If he was a religion other than the majority, then I think it would be okay, but he has shown his hate for the Muslim population multiple times and this ban proves indefinitely that he does not care for the Muslim religion.