Personal view: Girls are strong enough to play guys sports

Emmalee Prince


Emmalee Prince

Emmalee Prince, Staff reporter

Sports are one of God’s many great creations but many people think that girls shouldn’t be able to play.

Many people such as Ethan Lafranco and Kymora Johnson believe that girls should be able to play guys sports. Johnson was accepted onto the Cavs basketball team but when they made it to the semi-finals they were disqualified for having a girl on the team. When the New York Liberty heard about this, they decided to fly the team up to New York and allow them to play a game on the floor of Madison Square Garden on Saturday night. It likely didn’t make up for the pain of their disqualification, but Swin Cash hoped it at least showed Johnson just how many people out there were behind her.

When Maddy Baxter was kicked off of the football team she was very hurt. How could someone be so bitter and ruin someone’s dreams like that? Maddy says “she could barely sleep at night because she didn’t know what she was gonna do.” Once you grasp onto that passion it’s hard to let that passion go. I’ve never played on a team because the boys thought that since I was a girl I couldn’t play football. At my old school I got offers the middle school coaches to be on their team and play football but my parents thought I would get hurt.

Guy sports to me are the best sports. My brother and I always rough house and we tackle each other in the yard. Yes, I have gotten hurt before but we all know everyone gets hurt sometimes.

I’ve been playing football with my dad and my brother since I was 2 years old. I have never broken a bone in the process or gotten a concussion. It’s like basketball you’re gonna fall in basketball yeah you’re gonna twist your ankle, hit your head, and fall on the floor sometimes but you just have to get up and say that you’re ok and a lot of girls can do that believe it or not. Give the girls what they want and let them play guys sports!